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Our Services

Halcyon Associates offers a range of services across the interrelated fields of Crisis, Reputation, and Issues Management. Our toolset reflects the needs of our customers as well as our experience and expertise. We thrive on finding solutions to challenging situations, so our list below is detailed but not comprehensive. We typically combine a number of services to develop a discrete bespoke programme with either local, regional, or global scope. Our record demonstrates that clients can expect timely and trusted advice.

Government & Public Affairs

  • UK Government Relations
  • European Government Relations
  • EU and Inter-Governmental Affairs
  • Political Intelligence and Risk Analysis
  • Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs
  • Lobbying and Representation

Public Relations

  • Strategic Communications
  • Reputation Management
  • Media Relations/Press Office
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Civil Society Outreach

Issues & Crisis Management

  • Crisis Preparedness and Response
  • Change Strategy Options
  • Issue Action Task Force
  • Governance and Transparency
  • Managing Societal Expectations
  • Risk Audit and Assessments

Public Diplomacy & Advocacy

  • International Diplomacy
  • Commercial Diplomacy
  • Campaign Strategy & Implementation
  • Overseas Relationship Building
  • International Issues Management
  • Capacity Building & Stabilisation

Strategic Advisory

  • Geopolitical and Global PR
  • CEO Strategic Counsel
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Board Level Risk Advisory
  • New Market Entry
  • Political Risk Audit

Specialist Services

  • Counter Disinformation
  • Informed Advocacy Programmes
  • Litigation and Dispute Support
  • Bespoke Investigations
  • Intelligence Advisory